About Me

I am a computer engineer and an interactive full stack developer based in Lebanon. I specialize in building business softwares and platforms, websites and applications specific to your needs. I have done work in software development, mobile app creation, front-end/back-end web, database/server management.

Web Development

Turn ideas into action using the latest technologies to create exceptional websites that deliver functionality and productivity to help you grow your business.

Mobile Apps Development

Build native and cross-platform mobile applications on all the major platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile

Content Managment Systems

Create CMS's that are custom tailored to your needs so you can manage your own data as an admin and change, add, or delete content from your own platform.

SEO Services

Fine-tune on-site and off-site content to improve your ranking positions on search engines and results pages which will increase in your presence in the digital world so interested people can find you easily and in a click

Mohammad Makki